Bruce Mattson's Publications 2000 - Present

79. The remarkable chemistry of potassium dioxide(1-) (potassium superoxide). A series of microscale classroom demonstrations. Andrew Allen, Michael Anderson, and Bruce Mattson; Journal of Chemical Education, 2009, 86, 1286 - 1289.

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- 1670. 

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- 1298.

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- 11.

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- 285, 2006.

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- 424.

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65. Microscale Gas Chemistry, Part 26. Carbonated Beverages
- Priestley's Soda-water, Mattson, B.; Saunders, E.; Sconzo, P.; Chem13 News, 324, 6 - 11, November, 2004.

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57. Microscale Gas Chemistry, Part 19. Formation of Elemental Iron.  A laboratory experiment in a pipette, Mattson, B., Saunders, E., Chem13 News, 303, May, 2002.

56. Celebrating Chemistry and Art: Bicentennial of a Famous Caricature, George B. Kauffman, G. B., Mattson. B., Swanson, R. P., Chem13 News, 299, January, 2002.

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47. Cubic Unit Cell Construction Kit, Journal of Chemical Education, 2000.

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