Joseph Priestley lived in Calne from 1772 - 1780

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Calne and Priestley's house

Priestley's house from across the Calne Green

Priestley's house

Plaque on fron door to Priestley's house

The Doctor's Pond - named for Joseph Priestley

Bowood, just a few miles west of Calne

In this room, once Priestley's lab, oxygen was discovered on 1 August 1774

Another view of the lab.

Earl of Shelburn, owner of Bowood House

the grounds at Bowood

the grounds at Bowood

the garden at Bowood



in the garden at Bowood House

the burning lens Priestley used to convert mercury clax into dephlogisticated air

Priestley's lab at Bowood as it appeared in an engraving from 1777; from Priestley’s book Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air