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Chemistry References:

Chemical Information:
Material Data Safety Sheets.  This is Creighton University's Environmental Health and Safety page that links to MSDS information sheets for most chemicals.

Creighton University's Hazardous Materials Manual is also located at the Environmental Health and Safety page.

Links for Chemists, the Chemistry section of The WWW Virtual Library.  This is an index of over 8,225 chemistry resources on the web. This site is the maintained by The University of Liverpool (UK), Department of Chemistry.  Fantastic site!

University of Sheffield's Big Element Database.  Physical and Chemical Properties of the Elements.  Fantastic website for looking up physical and chemical properties of elements.  Includes background information, uses, etc.  Click on any element on the big colorful periodic table and away you go!  Loaded with lots of multimedia (sounds, pics, movies).  Author: Mark Winter.

Periodic Tables Galore!  This site links to at least a dozen colorful and unusual periodic tables.

Yahoo!'s Chemistry Pages - A good place to start to find anything relating to Chemistry.


Journal of Chemical Education.  Free JCE Index Online Search.  JCE Index contains citations for all articles published in the Journal.

Chem13 News.  Best journal for high school and first year college teachers!  Very interesting and inexpensive.  Ten issues per year.  Each issue is filled with a wealth of teacher-friendly chemistry.

Chemistry Journals and Magazines.  ChemConnect provides this very nice free web site containing links to almost 600 chemistry journals, with over 50 available in full text.

General Chemistry Tutoring:
ChemTeam Website.  A Tutorial for chemistry.  The ChemTeam provides study resources in all standard topics for students in general chemistry.

Instructional Resources for Chemistry. This comprehensive site provides entry into several lists of software sources, demonstration materials and other resources of interest to Chemistry teachers and course designers.

ChemTutor.  Basic chemistry help is available here for high school or college students. Chemtutor begins with the fundamentals and gives expert help with the most difficult phases of understanding your first course in chemistry.

Professional Organizations, Career Planning:
American Chemical Society.  This is the website for the American Chemical Society.  ACS Library, ACS Publications, journals, hot articles, magazines, books, Search Databases, Chemcyclopedia, Build Your Career, ChemJobs, salaries, networking, grants, continuing education, Chemistry in the News, Educational Resources for K-8, high school, college and much more.

American Society for Engineering Education.  This site provides information on education and careers in engineering and engineering technology.

Student Opportunities (Scholarships, etc.)
National Defense Science and Engineering Scholarships for Graduate Students.  This site provides information and application forms for graduate school scholarships.  Application deadline is January of each year.
Web Construction Aids
HTML Tutorials.  A link to several sets of html lecture notes available.

Creating a Successful Web Site.  If you are asking  yourself, "How can I create a web site like the cool ones out there?" This tutorial will show you how.

Building a Website that Works: Website Development Checklist.  The checklist is intended to serve as a quick reference guide for web developers.  Created by The Texas Education Network.

Free School Related WEB Graphic Images.  A free clipart collection and gallery of school related WEB images for downloading.  Over 100 images.  Some move!

Animation Library.  The Animation Library is a site featuring over 3500 free animations -- most are very good.  The rabbits (above) came from this site.

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Liquid Oxygen to Fast-Start a Gas Grill - Professor Goble's site at Purdue University is well worth the time and electricity to visit.  Lots of cool links.  Best, however, is about half way down his longish page where you can see a picture (or download a movie) of him lighting  a charcoal grill with 3
gallons of liquid oxygen. Started with 60 lbs of charcoal, and burnt up 40 lbs of it in 3 seconds.
Result is a grill ready to cook in about 3 seconds

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - This site is very funny!  As they put it, "Believe it or not, some chemists do have a sense of humour, and this page is a testament to that. Here we'll show you some real molecules that have unusual, ridiculous or downright silly names."  WARNING!  You may find some of the material to be offensive!

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