Chm 206 Chemistry Lab with Dr Mattson
Spring Semester, 2017

Laboratory Schedule

LoggerPro free download (so you can use your own laptops in lab to collect data)   Mac  PC

 19 January 2017:    Experiment #1. Intermolecular forces  Download pre-lab presentation.
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26 January 2017:    Experiment #2. Blue Beer's Law  Download pre-lab presentation
Reading volumetric glassware (handout)
Answers: Give yourself full credit if your last digit is within 1 number of the stated value.  For example, in the first one, 12.75 - 12.77 would be full credit.  Top row: 12.76, 6.55,28.9, 22.59; Second row: 20.64, 47.33, 4.54, 7.33; Bottom row: 9.03, 9.96, 3.50, 2.88
Using Mohr pipets (YouTube video)
Using Mohr pipets (handout)
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(erroneous data deleted):  Section CC (8 AM) or Section EE (11 AM)
2 Feb 2017: Experiment #3 Blue Kinetics Lab Download pre-lab lecture
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Finishing your lab report.

9 Feb 2017: Experiment #4 Blue Equilibrium Lab  Download pre-lab lecture

Quiz 4 Questions
Data for Quiz 4 (Download this for the actual quiz prior to 9 Feb 2017.  Note: You will find 4 sets of data in this document.  You will have to answer questions for just one of the sets.  Important: Set your table up so that the initial concentration is in Cell C2.  Time = 0 will be in Cell A2.  Test for first order will start in Cell D2 and Test for 2nd order will start in Cell E2.  This is the same format we did in lab last week.)
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Finishing your Blue Equilibrium Lab

16 February 2017:    Experiment #5. Molar Mass of an Acid Download pre-lab lecture
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23 February 2017: Experiment #6. Ka of an acid  Download pre-lab lecture 
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2 March 2017:  Experiment #7. Polyprotic acidDownload pre-lab lecture
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16 March 2017: Experiment #8. Buffer Lab I Download pre-lab lecture
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23 March 2017: Experiment #9. Buffer Lab II Download pre-lab lecture
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 30 March 2017: Experiment #10.  Dissolution of Urea in Water Download pre-lab lecture
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6 April 2017: Experiment #11. Nernst Equation Download pre-lab lecture

20 April 2017:  Experiment #12. Standard Reduction Potentials Download pre-lab lecture
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Interested in being a TA next semester?  Applications are due April 2x.  You must have a  grade of A in lecture and laboratory!