The History of Gas Chemistry

     This site contains links to a series of short biographical sketches highlighting the lives of some of the "Great Gas Chemists" as well as showing and describing glassware and apparatus used to study gases over the centuries.  The  site is 'under construction' and new material is being added as time permits.  Send your comments and suggestions to Bruce Mattson (e-mail: 

Link to short biographical sketches and chemical contributions of (listed in chronological by birth):
Johann Baptista van Helmont 1579 - 1644
Joseph Black 1728 - 1799
Henry Cavendish 1731 - 1810
Joseph Priestley  1733 - 1804
Carl Wilhelm Scheele 1742 - 1786
Antoine Lavoisier 1743 - 1794

Glassware and Apparatuses for Generating and Manipulating Gases

See a Kipp gas generator in action!