Ozone Results

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Download our ozone article that appeared in Chem13 News, January, 2007.

Download our article on ozone treatment of bacteria in natural waters submitted to Chem13 News September, 2007.

Photo gallery (photographs with brief explanations):

Part 1. Setting up equipment.

Part 2. Ozone + potassium indigo trisulfonate experiments and results

Part 3. Ozone + potassium iodide experiments and results

Part 4. Optimizing ozone generating conditions

Part 5. Food coloring experiments and results

Part 6. EPA method, "Determination of Ozone by Ultraviolet Analysis"

Part 7. Ozone and other foods, household substances and office supplies

NEW! (September 2007) Part 8. Treating natural water samples with ozone to kill bacteria and coliform.