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For classroom use by chemistry teachers. Copyright 2017. This website provides instructions for the generation of gases on a microscale level along with instructions for chemical demonstrations and student laboratory experiments with the gases.  This site is designed for use by chemistry teachers at the high school and university level.  Students and other interested readers are welcome to visit the site to learn more about chemistry but are hereby advised not to perform or attempt to perform any of the instructions provided herein without proper supervision by someone qualified and competent in chemistry.  Be advised that irresponsible use of chemicals may cause injury and may be unlawful in your area.

Part 2. Laboratory Experiments Overview                                   
Chapter 6. Mystery Gas                           
Chapter 7. Percent Composition                    
Chapter 8. Carbonated Beverages — Priestley’s Soda-water    
Chapter 9. Molar Mass                            
Chapter 10. Limiting Reagent                       
Chapter 11. Barometric Pressure without a Barometer       
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Last updated 24 October 2016