Chm 204 Chemistry Lab with Dr Mattson
Fall Semester, 2018

23 August 2018    Lab Orientation and lab supplies. Download the presentation.

28 August 2018    Experiment 1. Introduction to Lab. 
Download the presentation.
Preview the cover sheet and our instructions for Part V of Experiment 
4 Sept 2018    Experiment 2. Qualitative Analysis Download pre-lab presentation.

11 Sept 2018    Experiment 3. Elemental Analysis  Download pre-lab presentation   Study 20+ minutes for best results on the quiz)   Submit on-line results  

18 Sept 2018   Experiment 4.
Synthesis of a Copper Salt  Download pre-lab presentation  Submit on-line results
Winners: Section CC: 1st Place: Jennifer and Jayden, 2nd Place: Shelley and Ashlyn and 3rd Place: Luke and Cameron
Section EE: 1st Place: Alaina and Spencer, 2nd Place: Roland and Erica, 3rd place: Luke and Brooke

25 Sept 2018   Experiment 5. Classes of Chemical Reactions Download pre-lab presentation   No on-line results this week.

2 Oct 2018   Experiment 6. Precipitation Reactions Download pre-lab presentation. (Watch YouTube video on sodium chloride crystals dissolving in water)
To prepare for lab, (1) see lab experiment (instructions you will follow - not in lab manual) and (2) watch the YouTube presentations of the reaction you will perform and how to perform it: 

Some pictures from our first time trying this experiment:

9 Oct 2018  Experiment 7. Preparation of Solutions Download pre-lab presentation   Submit results on-line
1. Watch the YouTube video on using the volumetric pipet (8 minutes long) See video now.

2. Watch the YouTube video on correct use of the Mohr pipet (less than 4 minutes long) before coming to lab! See video now.

3. Practice Reading Graduated Glassware download worksheet  Check your work:
Answers.      Problem 1: 12.77 mL; Problem 2: 6.56 mL; Problem 3: 28.9 mL; Problem 4: 22.59 mL;     Problem 5:  20.64 mL; Problem 6: 47.33 mL; Problem 7: 4.55 mL;     Problem 8: 7.33 mL;         Problem 9: 9.02 mL; Problem 10: 9.96 mL; Problem 11: 3.50 mL; Problem 12: 2.85 mL

Under construction from this point on.

26 Oct 2017  Experiment 8. Vinegar titration Download pre-lab presentation
Submit on-line results

2 Nov 2017   Experiment 9. Molecular Structures Download pre-lab presentation.

9 Nov 2017   Experiment 10. Intermolecular forces Download pre-lab presentationSubmit on-line results. Class averages from 9 Nov 2017.
Before lab: You can download to your laptop a free copy of LoggerPro which we will use twice this semester and extensively next semester. Download for Mac or Windows
16 Nov 2017   Experiment 11. Enthalpy of Neutralization Download pre-lab presentation  Submit on-line results. 

30 Nov 2017   Experiment 12. Hess's Law Download pre-lab presentationSubmit on-line results.