Chm 204 Chemistry Lab with Dr Mattson
Fall Semester, 2019

        Your TAs: Section DD: Shelley, Ashlyn and Mirielle, and Section HH: Karolina, Emma, and Christy

22 August 2019    Lab Orientation and lab supplies. Download the lab overview presentation (Chem Lab with Stick People and Bird).

27 August 2019    Experiment 1. Introduction to Lab. 
Download the pre-lab presentation (Chem Lab with Stick People and Bird)

2 September 2019    Experiment 2. Qualitative Analysis Download pre-lab presentation.

10 September 2019    Experiment 3. Elemental Analysis  Download pre-lab presentation   Study 20+ minutes for best results on the quiz)   Submit on-line results  

17 September 2019   Experiment 4.
Synthesis of a Copper Salt  Download pre-lab presentation  Submit on-line results

24 September 2019   Experiment 5. Classes of Chemical Reactions Download pre-lab presentation   No on-line results this week.
    Selfie Week in Lab!